full wallIt’s the two story wall that leads up to our homeschooling room.  It’s a big wall, and I was having a tough time determining how I was going to make it pretty.  It was too large of a space to leave it painted the neutral wall color throughout our house, it bored me.  I knew it needed something fun.  We ascend and descend those stairs at least 20 times a day; and on one of those many trips, it hit me.  Yep, that’s gonna be a chalkboard wall of prayer.  My husband said, “You’re weird.”  I said, “I know, I can’t help it.”CarolineWe painted the entire wall with chalkboard paint using a two story ladder, a level, an overhead projector, and chalk; and we now have a place to write down our prayers that we bring boldly before the throne of grace.  You know you can do that, right?  No tipping toeing into His presence with small requests.  You can be bold.  You should totally have a chalkboard wall too.  I’m certain of it.

We hung empty gold picture frames (I’m a picture frame hoarder), so each of us has our own space to write requests.

So now when I sit with the girls at our table, my view towards the stairs is a better one.  It makes me happy.
Homeschool Room And completely changeable whenever I want it to say something else.  I love that.  For now though, I’m sticking with asking for mercy.  Mercy And if you are ever not sure what to pray for, take it from Thomas, just pray for trains.  Always pray for more trains.
A few answers to questions you may ask:

-I used chalkboard paint from Home Depot, nothing fancy.

-I did not season the board like everyone in the universe says you must do before you use it the first time.  There were two reasons for this.  One, the wall was too big and I refused.  Secondly, as long as I wipe off the chalk with a wet rag as opposed to a dry eraser, I cannot see any “ghost lettering” that people say will be left behind.  It wasn’t an issue for me at all.

-The print font I used is called Barocca Monograms, and the fancier letters I free handed on my own after looking at a few online that I liked.  The font of our names is written in Brush Script.

I will most certainly paint another surface in my house with chalkboard paint.  I’m irritated it took me this long to do.  Be brave.  Be bold.  Go do it.  You will love it.